Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I just got back from an informational meeting with one of the USDA loan reps for Ohio.
There are some GREAT programs right now. The loan rep was saying that they were able to finance a gentleman with an income of around 700 dollars a month. His payment is next to nothing, because most of these loans are on a 1% interest rate.
Yes, you read that right, ONE PERCENT INTEREST RATE.
You can get up to 102% of your loan completely paid for. ZERO down!
There are two specific programs. One is a subsidized home loan program and the other is the guarentee home loan program. Currently both programs work in all areas of Ashtabula County, except Ashtabula City, and also they work in Madison (and other areas of Lake County).
This is such an exciting time to purchase your own home. Since it is a buyer's market there are some GREAT deals out there today. Most of the zero down loan programs are not available, but through USDA there still is a program to help those with buying a home.
Visit my website today or shoot me an email if you have some specific questions about USDA home loans !! I can help you apply for a zero down loan today! TEAM UP WITH TIFFANY!

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